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Can I play sports with braces or Invisalign?

Yes - our athletes can still play sports while undergoing orthodontic treatment.  If you do play sports, it's recommended that you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and appliances.  Let your orthodontist know if you need help finding the right mouth guard.

In case of a sports emergency, be sure to immediately check your mouth and appliance for damage.  If you notice any loose teeth or appliance breakage, please contact our office right away.  You can temporarily relieve discomfort by applying wax or rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater.

Can I play musical instruments with braces?

Yes!  There will be an adjustment period the first or two week getting your braces.  Teeth will be tender and sore as they start to align, but this fades away.  If needed, orthodontic wax can help provide comfort from braces while playing your instrument.  With a little extra practice and patience, you'll be adjusted to your braces and feeling/playing your instrument normally again.  If you are having a difficult time adjusting, talk to your orthodontist. Dr. Godley can provide comfort covers for your braces to help you play.

Do I still need to visit my dentist while in braces or Invisalign?

Yes - during braces, it’s more important than ever to continue to see your regular dentist for frequent cleanings, exams, and check-ups.  Excellent hygiene and check-ins with your general dentist help prevent cavities and gum disease, keeping your smile bright and healthy during and after treatment.

Can I whiten my teeth with braces?

The parts of your teeth behind your brackets (braces) may not benefit from teeth whitening pastes, strips, or gels.  Therefore, we suggest avoiding these whitening products white undergoing treatment in order to prevent uneven color of your teeth when braces are removed. 


Dr. Godley does have tips for making your teeth appear whiter during braces:

  • Brush teeth after each meal

  • Use interdental brushes

  • Use a waterpik/waterflosser

  • Avoid foods and drinks that are known to cause staining such as coffee, tea, curry, turmeric, and red wine

  • Choose specific braces color ties (black, navy, blue, plum, dark purple) and avoid white or clear color ties

What are braces made of?

Classic metal braces can be made of different types of materials, but they are most commonly a stainless steel combination of titanium, nickel and chromium. Sometimes gold or other precious metals are used. 


Most ceramic/clear braces are produced from aluminum oxide (alumina) particles. These particles can be blended into a mixture and molded into a braces bracket, or heated to form a sapphire material.

Can I get braces if I am allergic to nickel?

Yes!  Our office offers several options for patients allergic to nickel.  These include our clear ceramic braces, rhodium-plated braces, and custom LightForce braces. 

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