Hidden braces with minimal hassle


InBrace is an orthodontic treatment that is truly hidden.  No visible wires or trays.  These braces are placed behind the teeth (on the lingual/tongue side), completely hidden from view when you smile. 


Unlike clear aligners, Inbrace doesn't require plastic trays.  There is nothing to remove for meals, coffee, meetings, or special occasions.  Inbrace works while you enjoy life!

Hidden lingual braces Inbrace

InBrace wires have a looped design that allows you to floss and brush as you normally would while wires shift your teeth.  Each wire is custom designed in three dimensions for optimal tooth movement.  Patients love that they can brush and floss normally while their smile is transforming.

Hidden braces in Zionsville
Lingual braces are virtually invisible, so there’s nothing to hide and you can enjoy your smile from day 1.


Step 1

Our GFO team will scan your teeth to create a digital model, which allows our orthodontist to create your custom wire.

Step 2

Hidden braces are bonded to teeth and wire is guided into place.

Step 3

InBrace goes to work and you keep living life!  These wires use gentle pressure to continuously move teeth throughout treatment.

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