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Clear aligners planned for you by Dr. Godley. 

Invisalign is a system of transparent, clear aligners that move your teeth according to the doctor's prescription, without the use of braces.  Many patients love this option - brushing and flossing is easier, and you can remove the aligners to eat.  With comfortable trays that are nearly invisible, you can start smiling with minimal impact on your everyday life.   There are no diet restrictions with Invisalign, which means you can eat ALL the foods!  


Minimal impact on your everyday life  

Invisalign appointment

Fewer office visits


No diet restrictions

Brushing with braces and aligners

Better hygiene

Esthetic treatment


With Dr. Godley's planning, even complex cases can be treated with clear aligners.

With an orthodontist's expertise, clear aligners like Invisalign are capable of treating a variety of malocclusions.  This includes:

  • Crowding

  • Spacing​

  • Overjet

  • Overbite

  • Underbite

  • Missing teeth

Visit us to see a simulation of your treatment and discuss how Dr. Godley can treat your bite with Invisalign.

Invisible clear invisalign aligners

Invisalign is a tool.  To achieve ideal results, it is critical that aligners be planned and overseen by a skilled, trained doctor.


How does Invisalign work? 

Like braces, clear aligners are designed to move your teeth a little at a time.

First, our orthodontic team takes a digital scan of your teeth and bite.  


Dr. Godley carefully and strategically plans your treatment.  


You will receive your series of trays to adjust your teeth and gradually shift them into the proper position.  

To be successful, it is important that the aligners are worn for at least 20 hours per day, removing them only to eat or drink.  Your orthodontist will let you know how long to wear each set of aligners. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Invisalign® First

A modern orthodontic option for kids
Invisalign first for kids

Invisalign First is a solution is designed for children and can be used to treat a broad range of dental issues when kids are growing.  This includes:

  • Narrow dental arches

  • Crossbite

  • Crowding

  • Spacing

  • Protrusion

These custom trays are designed to gradually correct issues and guide your child’s growing teeth and jaws.  Dr. Godley can address existing issues and help prevent serious problems in the future.

Invisalign® Teen

Focused on your teen's needs and busy schedule

Invisalign Teen is perfect for teenage patients because it fits into their lifestyle and busy after school schedule. 

These aligners allow your teen to enjoy life without  disruptions. They can eat their favorite foods and carry on with their regular routines.


Clear aligners are less likely to interfere with your teen’s speech or favorite hobbies, such as playing a musical instrument or participating in sports.  The aligners can also be taken out for short periods of time for important events, such as homecoming, prom, or senior pictures.  The nearly invisible aligners allow your teen to smile freely and confidently! 

Invisalign for teens

Invisalign® Aligners for Adults

Discreet, innovative solution for adults
Adult Invisalign dentist

We offer several options ranging from express, to moderate, to full comprehensive treatment depending on your specific needs and goals.


Invisalign we can provide solutions for:

  • Misaligned / crooked teeth

  • Overbite

  • Underbite

  • Spacing 

  • Missing teeth

Invisalign aligners are designed by Dr. Godley, allowing her to customize the position of every single tooth with extreme detail and precision – creating incredible smiles.


Smile from anywhere

With virtual monitoring technology, we are proud to offer our Invisalign patients an option that allows us to monitor your treatment and track progress remotely!  This is a convenient way for us to treat our busy kids, teens, and adults as well as patients that do not live close to the office. Remote monitoring your orthodontic treatment means more time in fewer visits, so you can enjoy getting your time back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Invisalign comfortable?

One of the main reasons patients choose Invisalign is because aligners are so comfortable compared to braces.

Will aligners affect my speech?

Aligners may have a very mild impact on speech initially, but this is minor and most people adjust quickly.

Can I chew gum with Invisalign?

It is recommended to remove your aligners to chew gum.  A great thing about aligners is that they can easily be removed to enjoy your favorite treats.

How do I keep my aligners clean?

Aligners can be cleaned regularly with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste or soap.  

How often do I need to wear my aligners?

It is important that aligners be worn for at least 20 hours per day in order to achieve successful tooth movements.


We do our best to make it easy for you to get the smile of your dreams

Many factors influence the cost of orthodontic treatment - such as the extent of your orthodontic needs, treatment option chosen, appliances needed, and your estimated length of treatment.  At Godley Family Orthodontics, we believe in keeping things as simple as possible - we are transparent with our fees and our treatment includes retainers.  Dr. Godley offers several clear aligner options, from express to full comprehensive treatment.  We do our very best to keep the cost of your treatment within your budget and offer no-interest financing plans.  Ask our team about the several discounts we offer.  Our free consultations help you get the process started!

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