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Adult Orthodontics - Smile with Confidence at Any Age!

Updated: Apr 26

Adult smile orthodontics
Adult Orthodontics

It is a common misconception that torthodontic treatment is for children and teens only. About 1 in 4 orthodontic patients are adults. It is never too late to achieve a beautiful, functional smile and bite. Whether with braces or aligners, adult orthodontics can correct crooked teeth, transform your smile, and boost confidence.

Has Orthodontic Treatment Changed?

With modern advances in technology, there are treatment options that are nearly invisable. Many of today's treatments are more comfortable, more esthetic, and designed to better fit your lifestyle. Braces are much smaller in size and much less noticeable. There are even options for completely hidden braces, such as InBrace®. Aligners, such as Invisalign®, can be a great option for those that want an option less visible and do not want diet restrictions.

How is Adult Orthodontics Different from Child Orthodontics?

There isn't an age limit to orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics works to move and align teeth in the same physiological way, regardless of age. One difference is that adults have more mature, denser jaw bone than children. Another difference is taht adults are no longer growing. This can mean treatment may take a bit longer in adults, but the same results can be achieved. Some medications and habits may also affect treatment.

It is very common for orthodontists to work with your general dentist to coordinate care to give you the best results possible. Sometimes, additional specialists may need to be worked with, such as periodontists and endodontists. During your smile evaluation, your orthodontist can give you a full picture of what to expect.

Orthodontic Options for Adults

Full treatment isn't for everyone, and that is okay. Most orthodontists offer "touch-up" express options for alignment only. Many adults are excellent candidates for orthodontic treatment and may benefit from one of the following options:

  • Classic, traditional braces

  • Clear braces

  • Invisalign - clear aligners

  • InBrace - lingual, hidden braces

  • Retainers

Find out if Orthodontics is Right for You

If you wish to have a straighter smile and would like to explore orthodontic options, our team at Godley Family Orthodontics would love to assist you! Feel free to contact our office 317-913-2828 or schedule your complimentary consultation online.


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