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Smile For a Lifetime Orthodontist


Partnering to give the gift of a smile

Godley Family Orthodontics has teamed up with the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation to provide orthodontic treatment scholarships to children and teens who normally would not be able to afford treatment.  Dr. Godley enjoys volunteering her time and resources to give patients the gift of a beautiful, confident smile!

Smile for a Lifetime Qualifications:


Scholarships are limited and based on several factors:

  • Family income of no more than 200% of the federal poverty level.

  • Age range - children ages 10 to 18.

  • Have good dental hygiene practices.

  • Have a need for orthodontic braces.

  • Enrolled in school and carry a C or better GPA.

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude.

  • Follow and abide by the treatment plan set forth by your orthodontist.

  • Be a resident of Indiana and live within 1.5 hours of Godley Family Orthodontics office.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to make regular appointments and be on time.

Application process:

To apply for a scholarship, please go to  and click on the Apply For Braces link to get started and follow instructions.  Scholarships are handled through the National Smile for a Lifetime Foundation.   


For more information, please call the national office at (719) 535-2777.

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