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We proudly invest in modern, digital technologies

At Godley Family Orthodontics, we embrace technology and developments to ensure that every step of the way - from your consultation, to treatment planning, to providing your care - is as safe and comfortable as possible.  

Scanner for aligners and braces
Digital Scanner

This imaging tool takes detailed pictures of teeth, gums, and bite.  For us - this means incredible accuracy.  For you - this means no goopy impressions!  And a quicker, more comfortable experience. 

Digital Orthodontist
Digital X-rays

Unlike traditional x-rays, digital radiographs allow us to capture images of your teeth and jaws with a quick, simple scan.  The radiation dose is ultra low and the images are of the highest quality.  Win-win!

Paperless Options

We believe your visits and our office procedures should be simple and streamlined.  We offer most forms via email.  This means that you can fill out documents when it’s most convenient for you.  

Online Scheduling

We value your time and we know that our patients have busy lives.  That's why we make booking your appointments a breeze with the option for online scheduling.  

iTero digital scanner for orthodontist


We are an impression-free practice.

No mess, no goop.  Using our digital scanner, we are able to quickly and comfortably take a record of your teeth.  This creates an instant 3D map of your teeth and bite.  Dr. Godley also has the ability to simulate what your new smile could look like with braces or aligner treatment.


Smile from anywhere

Our practice provides the option for remote treatment monitoring, utilizing DentalMonitoring technology.  This allows Dr. Godley to follow and track progress and hygiene on a regular basis and virtually, between visits.  Remote monitoring is a great option for busy kids, teens, and adults.  It means fewer appointments, so you can enjoy getting your time back!

Dental patient during remote monitoring


Quality, hygienic braces

Our orthodontist prioritizes investing in the highest quality braces materials.  At Godley Family Orthodontics, we use pre-pasted premium braces for our patients.  Traditional paste added to braces requires a lot of cleanup after placement, which can leave uneven clumps of bonding around the edges of brackets.  This creates uneven surfaces for food and bacterial to accumulate.  Our flash-free braces form a smooth contact when the braces are seated, which seals the tooth surface around the edges of the bracket.  This creates the most hygiene experience for our patients.

Cut paper with the logo of recycling.jpg


A straight smile shouldn't have to cost the environment.

A straight smile shouldn't have to cost the environment.  We participate in Spotlight Oral Care's Aligner Recycling Program with TerraCycle.  Look for our Zero Waste box at our Zionsville office and help us by dropping off any used or unused aligners.

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