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Protect your smile with a custom sports mouthguard

A mouthguard is essential for many athletes, especially those playing contact sports and those playing sports with braces.  Mouthguards help protect your gums, teeth, and jaws from injury during practice and on game day.  They are designed to protect against potential damage from sports injuries, teeth grinding, and other physical impacts.

Are mouthguards necessary?

Though you may find over the counter mouthguards that  fit okay, a custom mouthguard offers many benefits.  They fit much more securely over teeth, staying in place while you enjoy you stay active.  This also allows for better speech and better focus on your activity. 


Having a custom athletic mouthguard made for you by our team at Godley Family Orthodontics is simple and well worth the comfort and security it provides to protect your smile.  A well-fitted mouthguard covers braces and retainers and protects against potential dental trauma. Talk with your orthodontist about which mouthguard is right for you.

mouthguard for braces

How are custom mouthguards made?


Call, e-mail, or book online to schedule an appointment with our team.  We will work to find a time that fits your schedule.


Our team will take a quick, digital scan of your teeth and bite.  This is what we use to create your mouthguard so that it fits perfectly.

sports mouthguard

Visit us one more time to receive your new mouthguard.  We will check to make sure it fits accurately and teach you how to care for it. 

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