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Early intervention = Prevention

Kids orthodontist

The majority of children will not need early treatment.  For those that do, interceptive orthodontics allows Dr. Godley to guide healthy dental and jaw development for your child.


Having an orthodontic evaluation while teeth and jaws are still growing makes it easier for your orthodontist to address conditions before they create severe problems, and get a jump-start on issues that could affect your child’s growth. 


Treatment as unique as your teen

When it’s time for orthodontic treatment, we will help you and your teen find the option that is right for your family. 

We want to help your teen achieve the best result with an option that fits their needs and lifestyle.  Some of our patients choose braces, while others opt for clear aligners.  

Braces Dentist for teens


One size fits one

Lightforce custom orthodontist

Custom braces, such as LightForce™, are a modern type of clear braces which are digitally designed by your orthodontist and created just for you. 


These custom braces are tailor-made for your unique tooth anatomy, bite, and smile goals. This can reduce your time in treatment and number of appointments, meaning you can enjoy your best smile even sooner.


Elevate your smile at any age

Healthy teeth can be moved at any age, and about one in five orthodontic patients is an adult.  Dr. Godley focuses on how to improve your smile, give you a functional bite, and prevent future dental problems.

Some orthodontic issues can be more complex and require a team approach.  Dr. Godley works alongside general dentists and other dental specialists to give you the best outcome possible.

Adult Invisalign dentist

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