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Yeti-Set-Smile Program

What is the Yeti - Set - Smile Program?

The Yeti-Set-Smile Program was created by Dr. Godley to provide free orthodontic care to pediatric cancer survivors.  Giving back to the community is something our team prioritizes, and having family members affected by cancer makes this program dear to our hearts.  We found that a need exists for families with children who have battled cancer.  Their journey is often quite costly, and orthodontic treatment can be financially out of reach.


Our Yeti-Set-Smile Program makes orthodontic treatment possible and provides beautiful, confident smiles to children who have found the strength to overcome overwhelming obstacles.  It is also a fun way to adopt a plush yeti as a way to say thank you to those who donate or adopt.  100% of yeti adoption proceeds go towards the Yeti-Set-Smile Program.

yet set smile
Why Yetis?

Yetis are epic, magical creatures.  They exhibit a quiet strength and mystifying ability to make people smile.  For some, yetis seem impossible.  For others, a perfect smile may seem just as impossible.   Orthodontic treatment is a life-changing, amazing adventure!  For those in need, it might seem as impossible as yetis.  At Godley Family Orthodontics, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile, however we understand that orthodontic treatment is simply not financially possible for some.  At least, not without some help.  This is why the Yeti-Set-Smile Program was created.

How it Works 

Godley Family Orthodontics accepts donations to help cover the cost of braces for pediatric cancer survivors in our community.  100% of the proceeds from both donations and yeti adoptions are used to provide recipients with orthodontic treatment.

Families are offered treatment at no cost once they apply, become patients, and funds are available.  The need for orthodontic treatment outweighs the ability of a single orthodontist office to provide.  In order to help the maximum number of children possible, we accept any and all donations from those who would like to contribute.

All donation are accepted!  As a token of our gratitude for your help, those who donate $25 or more get to adopt our legendary GFO yeti mascot!  Our adorable stuffed yeti has full braces, comes with an adoption certificate, a card for you to write a personalized note to a child who has survived cancer, and endless gratitude from our team for helping make a child's dream come true.  Families with children battling cancer have enough on their plate without having to worry about how they can pay for braces.


Please call or drop by our office to see how you can help give a Yeti a home and give a pediatric cancer survivor a smile!

How to Help

Please call or drop by our office to see how you can help give a Yeti a home and give a pediatric cancer survivor a smile!

New plush yetis arriving spring 2024!

Check back for ways to Adopt online.

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