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What are custom braces?

Lightforce custom cosmetic braces
Lightforce custom cosmetic braces

You may have heard of custom or customized braces. But what are they? And how are they different from regular braces? Custom braces, such as LightForce™, are a modern alternative to traditional braces. Each bracket is made unique and precise for each tooth. Not only do they offer a personalized approach and cosmetic benefits, but they can also provide accelerated treatment time and reduced number of appointments.

How do custom braces work?

LightForce custom braces are digitally planned and 3D printed, shaped specifically for each tooth's anatomy and desired position. They are designed by your orthodontist to fit your unique teeth, bite, and smile.

To create these braces, Dr. Godley plans your orthodontic treatment and final tooth positioning digitally. After the planning process, your unique braces brackets are created and delivered with a special, custom bonding tray. This way, Dr. Godley can place them in the desired location exactly as she designed them. This makes bonding them quicker, extremely accurate, and specific to you and your teeth.

How are custom braces different than regular braces?

Traditional metal braces don’t take into consideration the unique shapes and variations of teeth from one individual to another. They come pre-designed, with a set shape and prescription built into the bracket. They are not personalized until the orthodontist manually customizes tooth positions at your visits (through braces placement and wire design).

In contrast, custom braces have a unique prescription and shape. Some advantages include:

  • Efficiency -- By incorporating customization into the braces, the wires we secure can begin getting to work much sooner. The earlier in treatment we can start correction of certain tooth movements, the sooner we reach our desired results. This translates to decreased time in treatment, and less appointments.

  • Precision -- Braces adapt to your teeth more precisely.

  • Clear and esthetic -- The 3D printed braces are very esthetic. Made of ceramic, these clear brackets are much less noticeable than metal and gold braces when you’re smiling and talking.

Are custom braces right for me or my child?

LightForce is currently the only 3D-printed, cosmetic brace company of it's kind and we’re happy to offer it here at Godley Family Orthodontics. Dr. Godley is one of the first orthodontists in Indiana to offer these custom braces and is excited to give her patients the ability to have the most efficient and effective care.

Your smile is unique, and your braces can be too.


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