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  • Danielle Godley

What is Dental Monitoring?

Updated: Apr 26

Dental monitoring
Dental monitoring

Dental Monitoring is a remote monitoring tool designed with convenience in mind. This advancement in technology allows your orthodontist to focus on your treatnment more closely, without requiring office visits. With a smile scope that easily attaches to your phone, scans can be taken of teeth, smile, and bite, so that your orthodontist can follow progress and hygiene virtually. This means efficient treatment, fewer appointments, and more doctor time - all from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Dental Monitoring

  • Flexiblility - treatment progress and hygiene can be monitored from anywhere.

  • Convenience - less appointments and visits to the office.

  • Early detection of detached appliances or attachments - broken braces, attachments, and appliances can slow down progress and extend your treatment time. Monitoring allows your orthodontist to detect potential setbacks early in order to address them and keep you on track.

  • Enhanced communication - patients can communicate with the orthodontic team directly through the Dental Monitoring app.

  • Hygiene monitoring and motivation - your orthodontist can detect hygiene problems early, highlight areas of concern, and communicate to motivate better brushing and flossing.

  • Compliance monitoring and motivation - fitting of Invisalign trays and progress with any prescribed elastics (rubber bands) can be tracked, so that if there are problems, your orthodontist can communicate and motivate better wear before it becomes a probem and your treatment gets extended.


At Godley Family Orthodontics, our team is comitted to providing the best possible patient experience. We value providing convenience for our patients. Integrating Dental Monitoring into our practice is an example of this comittment. We are thrilled to see our patients sharing their beautiful smiles, and love knowing that their orthodontic journey is as smooth as possible. We love giving time back to our patients! To have a smile evaluation, contact our Zionsville office at 317-913-2828 or book your free consultation online.


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